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Corn may not be the cause of higher food prices

Producing ethanol from corn
Blog Based on a report by John M. Urbanchuk,[ Director, LECG LLC ( ]
Corn based ethanol may not be to blame for the higher prices we now have to pay at the grocery store. Critics of the alternative fuel production process fail to point out that corn prices are only one of many factors that determine the CPI for food, and in fact, directly affect a small share of retail food prices. A study that examined and compared the impact on consumer food prices resulting from increases in petroleum and corn prices resulted in the determination that higher oil prices, rather than rising corn prices is responsible for higher food prices. The study further states that increases in energy prices for example exert a greater impact on food prices than does the price of corn and provides examples of such.

(Corn) Ethanol Might Not be the Best Answer

Believe it or not! Not everyone is an Ethanol Fan. The naysayers discuss the negatives when it comes to ethanol of course, but, many of them fail to follow through. An example reminds of a certain site (site name withheld) that has posted several, short articles that do nothing more than shoot virtual barbs in the general direction of the ethanol industry. Well, maybe not so directly towards the ethanol industry as it’s about how ethanol is not a good choice as an alternative fuel. Most of these 1 or 2 paragraph ‘articles’, even refer to other sites as the sources; reminds me of a child hiding behind his/her mothers skirt while simultaneously shooting someone the bird.
And yes, I realize that my not telling you the name of the website mentioned here, amounts to my doing the same thing – Guilty as charged with one comment – So what if I am not telling you the site name(?), the point is essentially the same; If you are going to point out what is wrong, you should be willing to also acknowledge what is right ( if anything ). I am simply unwilling to point out who I think the bad man is.

Besides that, I am not in the habit of offending someone else’s point of view.

OK, fine, here is a link; it’s not a rating but, think “PG”

Here is Dr. Scammington to help sort things out.

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